Excessive Speeding in QLD

The Offence

If you are caught driving more than 40km/h over the posted speed limit, you will receive an automatic suspension from the Department of Transport and Main Roads for excessive speeding in QLD.

The Penalty

If receiving a penalty notice in the mail, the suspension will automatically be for 6 months. An option to choose a good driving behaviour period is also not available if you are convicted of an excessive speed offence.

In certain cases you may receive a summons to attend court instead of a penalty notice (for example where you have a number of prior offences). In those circumstances, the length of suspension imposed by the Magistrate may exceed 6-months, depending on your history.

Can I Defend the Charge?

If you are pleading guilty to the charge and will lose your licence, you may be eligible for a special hardship licence to allow you to drive for work purposes.

You should speak to an expert traffic lawyer to see what applications may be made on your behalf. Applying for a special hardship licence must be done before you are convicted and disqualified, if attending at court, or within 21 days of the date the suspension starts if receiving a penalty notice in the mail.