Victoria Traffic Offences

Victorian traffic offences carry some of the strictest penalties of any other state in the country, so it is important you have an expert Melbourne traffic lawyer to provide you with the right advice.

Going to court can be daunting, but it can also be your only opportunity to get the best outcome in the circumstances, even if pleading guilty.

Although we always encourage individuals to avoid unnecessary legal costs where they can, we see far too often the results of self-represented individuals that sought to plead not guilty and land themselves an appeal to the County Court after unsuccessfully trying to run a defence to a Victorian traffic offence, which may arguably be some of the most complex and ever-changing legislation in Australia.

Get advice, be prepared, and don’t cut corners on something like going to court. We will tell you open and honestly if you have any likelihood of running a defence to your case, or whether we may be able to assist you in the process of pleading guilty and mitigate the consequences.

Speaking with an expert traffic lawyer today may save you time (and a lot of money) in the future.